Congratulations on taking time to learn more about the Brain Salon, and the history of brainwave entrainment.

These pages have been compiled to provide a simple overview of the science behind the recordings, and explain a little more about the wonder of “brainwave entrainment.”

The Brain Salon is a collection of six powerful audio recordings, each designed to bring about a specific state of mind – for example, to boost your focus, or to help you enjoy a great night’s sleep.

It does this by using specialized sounds, which help to influence your brainwaves. This section will help explain precisely how this works, so you can truly understand the science behind it.

The Quick & Easy Version

The science behind the Brain Salon can be explained quickly and easily. Let’s give it a go.

Every state of mind has a unique electrical signature that can be detected in the brain. These signatures are known as “brainwaves.” Using specialized equipment, these waves can be measured and recorded, allowing us to map what brainwaves are present during certain key states of mind.

The audio sessions in the Brain Salon combine inaudible pulses with lavish natural sounds to recreate certain brainwave signatures, using a scientifically-proven process known as “brainwave entrainment.”

This enables the Brain Salon to recreate brainwave patterns, and bring about certain states of mind on-demand. States such as increased creativity, deep relaxation, or enhanced focus, for example. All the listener has to do is listen to the audio, and the states come about naturally – usually within minutes.

The Brain Salon does not use hypnosis or subliminal messages. Instead, it helps to improve what the brain does naturally – quickly “training” your perform precisely as you wish, on-demand.

Want to Explore the Brain Salon Science Labs?

Don’t want the microwave version? Want to really learn more about the science of brainwave entrainment?

It’s our passion – and we’d love to share it with you! Just grab a cup of tea, get comfortable, and click on the button below. It’ll take you about twenty minutes to read everything.

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