50 Years of Brainwave Entrainment

Since the validation of binaural beats way back in 1959, scientists would spend the next 50+ years studying and improving brainwave entrainment techniques – using them to help discover more about the human mind, and to further expand the field of neuroscience.

In the 1960s, scientists used brainwave entrainment to help reduce anxieties and lessen the anaesthetic used during operations. In the 1970s, the use of entrainment was heralded as a neurological research tool, and started being used to assist with ADD symptoms, hypertension, headaches and fatigue.

In more recent times, the past 20-30 years have seen significant advances – especially for users outside of the science labs.

In the 1980s, studies found that entrainment for 30 minutes at the 10Hz frequency helped stimulate the production of "happy chemicals" such as serotonin, and reduce tiredness. In the 1990s, tests with regional police departments found that entrainment increased an officer's ability to respond to stressful situations. Separate studies found that entrainment increased IQ scores, both short- and long-term.

This century, research into brainwave technology continues at a feverish pace - with fresh studies showcasing the benefits of entrainment hitting science journals almost every week. The market has even seen brainwave games on the shelves - which use mini-EEG-style machines as game controllers.

Further and more powerful methods of audio entrainment have been uncovered and significantly developed - most notably, isochronic tones. Other advanced techniques, such as amplitude modulation, asymmetric entrainment, and shaped waveforms, have been utilized to embed entrainment into existing audio, and bring about more dramatic results.

The advent of high quality, digital audio equipment means that individuals can now listen to the most powerful of entrainment recordings from the comfort of their own home. Methods of generating binaural beat recordings has also improved substantially, to the point of being able to track the tiniest of frequency changes with laser-sharp accuracy.

Popular modern day uses for brainwave entrainment include relaxation, meditation, improved sleep quality, a decreased sleep requirement, "super learning," enhanced creativity, sharper thinking, and increased focus.

Today, we can sit back and enjoy the benefits of over 100 years of scientific investigation into brainwaves and entrainment.

We’re currently at the cutting edge of science, with the ability to induce precise brainwave responses within minutes – using the most advanced brainwave entrainment audio possible. And it can all be as easy as slipping on a headphones and listening to a simple MP3 audio file.

Today, the Brain Salon sits at the forefront of that science.

The Brain Salon package contains six brainwave entrainment recordings, each designed to induce specific states of mind – just by listening for a few minutes.

The complete kit contains recordings for recharging your batteries, tapping into inspiration, enjoying a deep night’s sleep, energizing your mind/body, boosting your mood, and switching on your mental focus.

The Brain Salon combines every modern brainwave entrainment principle – including binaural beats, monaural beats, isochronic tones, and complex noise-based phase/timing relationships – to bring about powerful results, in record time.

There’s no question about it. The power of the brain is undeniably incredible – and those that learn to harness its powers stand in firm-stead for the future.

The lives of many thousands of scientists have been devoted to advancing this industry to the stage where we can actually package up a product such as the Brain Salon – and deliver it direct to your ears, assured of how it can change your life, just by listening.

You are one of the few that now truly understand and appreciate the science of brainwave entrainment – and, of course the power of the Brain Salon.

Use your knowledge wisely – and thank you for exploring our science labs!

For more support and guidance, visit http://support.brainev.com/brain-salon

Or to learn even more about brainwave entrainment, visit http://www.brainwavecollege.com/

For those wanted a greater overview of the Brain Salon sessions themselves, visit the next page to learn more about the specific Brain Salon sessions, and related frequencies.

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